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We offer a range of security services to help your business run smoothly

IT gets more and more complicated every year.

  • Which is the Anti-Virus system for our needs?
  • What are the best Back Up solutions?
  • Should you upgrade your programs?
  • When should we upgrade to Windows 8?
  • How can we reduce Spam?
  • What is Malware, how can I protect myself?

We work with the best companies in the business such as ESET, Storagecraft, Acronis and Symantec to keep you safe and secure.

We will give unbiased advice at a value for money cost. Call us today to make an appointment.

We also offer a comphrehensive range of IT support services for your business or home office in conjunction with Saqqarra Projects.


A comprehensive Web service including Hosting, Design, Search Engine Services to make your online presence felt. all provided by LJB Services

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